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A rare Exhibited Boeotian Black-figure Lekane
ca. 540 - 530 BCE

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Black-figure Lekane, ca. 540 - 530 BCE

Reference: CGA.26.662

Artist: Unattributed

Culture: Boeotian, Greece

Medium: Ceramic

Dimensions: Diameter: 4 3/4 in. (12.07 cm)

Wide, terracotta shallow bowl with two ribbon handles and narrow base ring. Circling the exterior is a file of frontal-faced panthers in the Corinthian style, with details in added red and white, floral and linear filling ornament, black strokes around the outer rim, the black interior decorated with circles of added red slip. A rare example, the treatment of the panthers is unusual in being represented with only one foreleg and one hind leg, and unlike any of the few named Boeotian lekane painters. For Boeotian lekanai, see Kilinski (1990) 25-30, pls. 25-28; Boardman (1998), 215, 229-230, figs. 450-452.

Published: Collin, #159, p.22.; Original Clark Catalog., #159, p. 248, part 2. CGA (1928) p. 120, #2662; CGA (1932), p. 116, #2662

Exhibited: "The William A. Clark Collection," Corcoran Gallery of Art, April 26-July 16, 1978.

Condition: Repaired, the interior encrusted, the loop of each ribbon handle lost, some minor chips and cracks otherwise complete. 

ProvenanceRaphaël Collin (1850 –1916) France,  Senator William A. Clark (1839 - 1925) Collection, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC, (1926 - 2014), American University Museum (2014 - 2021).   This object is accompanied by paperwork from the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

A rare Exhibited Boeotian Black-figure Lekane<br><em>ca. 540 - 530 BCE</em>
A rare Exhibited Boeotian Black-figure Lekane
ca. 540 - 530 BCE
Sale price15,000 USD