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SKU: BE1603

A rare Egyptian Blue Faience Flail Bead, New Kingdom, ca. 1550-1069 BCE

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A flail or flabellum, consisted of a short handle with three beaded strands or flyers attached. It was an ancient symbol of royal power and often depicted with other regalia, generally the crook, but also the mace as depicted on the Narmer Palette or other scepters. In the Pyramid Texts Pepi I is identified with Sopdu:
"The flail is in your hand, the mks-sceptre is behind your hand" Pyramid Texts PT 578.  This flail bead of bright blue faience was originally from one of the strands.

Condition:  Intact and in very good condition overall

Dimensions:  Length: 4.5 cm (1 1/2 inches)

Provenance:  Private collection of Egyptologist Geoffrey Metz, Sweden acquired in the 1990's. 

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