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SKU: EV2303

A fine Egyptian Anorthosite Gneiss Bowl, early Dynastic Period, Dynasty 2, ca. 2770 - 2649 BCE

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A beautiful squat jar of semi transparent anorthosite gneiss sourced in the Nubian Desert west of Lake Nasser.  Hand carved and smoothed, the vessel features a rounded base and smooth, convex sides together with a high shoulder that is flat and narrow. A slightly raised, rounded external rim, resembling a collar, surrounds the vessels' mouth. A narrow groove circumscribes the vessel just below the rim. The interior is well hollowed and follows the exterior shape of the vessel.

This jar is representative of a distinctive type of squat jar with sharply cut, high shoulder and slightly raised, almost collarlike rim. The type, that appeared in limited numbers in Dynasty I, reached the height of popularity during Dynasties II & III and was possibly used for keeping cosmetics. For an exact parallel see: Cleveland Museum "Catalogue of Egyptian Art" (1999) p. 97, #34.

Dimensions:  Diameter:  2 1/2 inches (6.3 cm), Height:  1 1/4 inches (3.18 cm)

Condition:  The vessel is intact and in excellent condition overall, a very fine example.

Provenance:  H. Hobbs private collection, NYC, acquired from the trade in the mid 1970s.

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