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A rare Egyptian Gabbro Mace Head, Pre-Dynastic Period, ca. early 4th millennium BCE

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a rare disc-style mace head with heavy discoidal form pierced longitudinally for attachment to a wooden shaft, the exterior polished to a smooth finish.

Background: The mace is a basic hand-held weapon, halfway between a club and a hammer. Symbols of military might, Egyptian iconography is rife with depictions of Egyptian leaders smiting enemies with a mace, and some of the earliest tangible documentation of Dynastic Egypt was provided by ceremonial mace-heads, such as that of King Scorpion and King Narmer of Dynasty 1.

Literature: For a mace head of similar form, cf. Sir W.M. Flinders Petrie, Prehistoric Egypt, pl.XXVI, no.52

Medium: Gabbro

Dimensions: Diameter: 2 3/4 inches (7 cm)

Condition: Small ancient loss to striking edge, otherwise intact and in very good condition overall. Presented on a museum-quality custom mount.

Provenance:   European collection, collection number:  N11298, published and sold at Bonhams, London, Antiquities, 1 May 2008, part of lot 430, thereafter a private American collection.  Accompanied by an Art Loss Register Certificate.

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