Awelye (Women’s Body Paint Design), Marcia Turner Petyarre (b. 1973)
Awelye (Women’s Body Paint Design), Marcia Turner Petyarre (b. 1973)

Awelye (Women’s Body Paint Design), Marcia Turner Petyarre (b. 1973)


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Awelye (Women’s Body Paint Design)
Artist: Marcia Turner Petyarre (b. 1973)

Region: Utopia, Central Australia
Language Group: Anmatyerre
Medium: Acrylic on Linen
Date: 2005
Dimensions: 147 cm (58”) x 89 cm (35”). Stretched and ready to hang.

Awelye (Women’s Body Paint Design) is a well known Dreaming depicted by many women from Utopia. Marcie has developed her unique style for her Awelye design which is quite different to many other artists. It depicts the ceremonies where Anmatyerre women will apply body markings with Typale to their upper body, breasts, and thighs. Ochre rocks, which are ground down with some water, are used as a paste-like paint in various colors to apply the markings. During these women’s ceremonies, many song lines and dance cycles are carried out; they are usually conducted at spiritually significant places for women who will often pay homage to their country, Dreamings, and ancestors during these important ceremonies.

Biography: Marcie Turner Petyarre (also known as Marcia) was born in 1973 and comes from Utopia Community in Central Australia. Utopia is a well-known Aboriginal community that has produced some of the most talented contemporary Aboriginal artists, including the famous and highly collectible Emily Kame Kngwarreye. Marcie is the daughter of Margaret Turner Petyarre (d. 2009) and it was through her mother, Marcie learned her skills and Dreaming stories. Marcie has also been under the guidance of well-known and collectible artists Kathleen and Gloria Petyarre. Marcie has been considered one of the up-and-coming talents of the Utopian women artists in Central Australia; however, she has not spent a great deal of time painting in recent years.

Exhibitions: 2005—Jan Townend Gallery, The Art of Survival, A Celebration of Australian Aboriginal Women’s Art. 2014 - “Warmth, Happiness, Orange!”, Central Art – Aboriginal Art Store, Alice Springs. Collections Holmes a Court Collection National Gallery of Australia 

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