play a crucial role in providing reliable, objective assessments of the value of high dollar items, which are essential for various purposes including insurance, estate planning, or buying and selling. Engaging an appraiser may provide peace of mind that these valuable and often irreplaceable possessions could be adequately protected. That is a key reason to reach out to Sands of Time Appraisals.


CollectingBase is a turnkey database management software application that allows you to record your collection(s) in one concise area. Developed using the FileMaker platform, CollectingBase can be run just on your computer if privacy is an issue. But, you can also run CollectingBase in the cloud, allowing you to share and access your information seamlessly across various electronic systems and the web, with changes that synch instantly to everyone’s device regardless of location.

Collections of any type can be cataloged with CollectingBase since you can choose precisely the kind of information you want to record. Describe and enter information about each item in the collection, using text and images (including audio or video clips, pdf, images, maps, or and other digital media). If it is on a computer, it can go into CollectingBase! Once you have posted the items, you can quickly and easily view, search, print, and email information from the database.

It is always important to keep paperwork and now you can eliminate the filing system. One of the great features of CollectingBase is the ability to associate any electronic document, regardless of the format, with your collection records. Attach your invoices, provenance documentation, and catalog entries to the collection record in formats such as pdf, spreadsheets, word documents, image files, videos, to name a few.
Need an appraisal for insurance? CollectingBase features a special Appraisal module that allowing appraisers to work right within your system. Appraise, print and send to your insurance company, right within the database.
Not technically savvy? Not enough time?  We can handle all the logistics of managing and maintaining your collection with our turnkey collection management solution that includes: Curatorial Services, Conservation, Mount-making, Synthetic DNA Tagging, Blockchain Registration Interface and Professional Appraisal Services.

 Find out what CollectingBase can do for you. 

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Sands of Time Appraisals

has the specialized knowledge and expertise in assessing the value of fine art, antiques, and jewelry, among other items. Sands of Time Appraisals consider factors such as an artist's reputation, rarity of the piece, quality of materials, provenance (history of ownership), and market trends. Our expertise ensures that your valuation is accurate.

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Clearly the best of 6 - 7 appraisals I've had done by other appraisers over the years

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 I have always felt that you are a trustworthy and quality person.  My tax attorney was very impressed with your appraisal document.  


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Your product is the most professional appraisal I have ever had the pleasure of reading.  THANK YOU.




Thanks not only for incorporating our feedback, but for going above and beyond to make the valuation process crystal clear and really do a great job with the narrative. I'm thrilled!


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