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Do you need help with your Collection?

Sands of Time are proud to announce our turnkey solution for the management and maintenance of your collection.   These days it is essential to maintain provenance records for all your collection(s) but seldom do you have the time to manage a paper-based system.

CollectingBase is a database management software application that allows you to manage your entire collection(s) in one concise area. Developed using the flexible Filemaker platform, CollectingBase can be run on your computer or you can run it in the cloud, allowing you to share and/or access your information seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web.


CollectingBase is the perfect reference tool for auctions, antique shows, or any place you need easy access to your collection. Unlike bulky, old-fashioned database software, CollectingBase is designed with your collections in mind, no matter the size or subject. Manage your collections with the most stable, powerful and reliable software available and save up to 90% of the time previously spent managing art information.



CollectingBase comprises six important modules:

  • Gallery: View your collection as an Image Gallery
  • Collection: Record all details about each item (images, insurance, purchasing)
  • Reference: Keep a digital record of all information associated with each collection item
  • Library: Built-in Library for reference or use this feature to record your book collection
  • Contacts: Store contact information 
  • Appraisal: Keep appraisal information about each item or save time and money and give your appraiser access to your database.


Collections of any type can be cataloged with CollectingBase, since you are able to choose exactly the kind of information you want to maintain. Describe and enter data about each item in your collection, using text and images (including audio or video clips, pdfs, images, maps or and other digital media). If it is on a computer, it can go into CollectingBase! Once you have recorded your items, you can view, sort, search, print and email your information easily. Better still, you are not restricted to just one collection, you can record as many collections as you want with CollectingBase. 

We also provide a range of single services that include:  Collection Management Software, Curatorial Services, Conservation, Mount-making, Synthetic DNA Tagging, Blockchain Registration Interface and Professional Appraisal Services.

Not technically savvy?  Not enough time?  We will handle all the logistics of managing and maintaining your collection with our turnkey collection management solution.