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An Egyptian Early Dynastic Diorite Bowl, Early Dynastic Period, ca. 1st - 2nd Dynasty, ca. 3100 - 2689 BCE

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Since the predynastic period, Egyptian workshops had been manufacturing stone vessels for everyday use, for ritual purposes such as foundation deposits and temple votives, and as essential equipment accompanying the deceased on their journey to the afterlife.  They were clearly meant to contain costly substances (as perfumes, unguents, oils, beverages, food) but there is little doubt they had great value on their own ,as ornamental and luxury objects. This example has been hand constructed from grano-diorite sourced from the Aswan area, and features the typical black and white "salt and pepper" appearance, a flat base and curved flaring sides.

cf. Petrie, W.M.F. "Stone and Metal Vases," pl. III, no. 67 , for related examples. See also, Aston, "Ancient Egyptian Stone Vessels," pl. 14a, p. 212.

Medium: Diorite

Dimensions: Height: 1 7/8 inches (4.76 cm), Diameter: 4 1/4 inches (10.8 cm)

Condition: Two minor rim flakes, otherwise intact and in very good condition overall.

Provenance: Private East coast collection, USA thereafter private Virginia collection, acquired from the NY trade.